Month: October 2020

COP26, Lockdown and ‘Jumping the Burn’

COP26, Lockdown and ‘Jumping the Burn’

Working in renewable energy I have a good understanding of the impact climate change is having, but the last 6 months have been a real eye opener, offering first-hand experience of the natural world we’re trying to save – and its right outside our doorstep.

We live beside a small river, a ‘burn’ that runs behind the back of our house with a walkway that snakes alongside. After 5 years of living here, the first time we became aware of it was on a walk at the start of lockdown. That was the first of many walks and adventures around our immediate area, nature trails, runs, bike rides, and “jumping the burn” with my son, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so successfully.

These were things we would never have discovered if we hadn’t been forced by the lockdown to pause and look around.  For my family the newfound ‘outside’ world is a revelation, and our appreciation hasn’t stopped with the loosening of restrictions. We are venturing further outside to the hills, glens, and Munros that are so close to hand here in Scotland. My wife and I, going against the strong advice of 90s all-girl pop group TLC are regularly ‘chasing waterfalls’ on our weekends. Trying to get our 10-year-old son to go on a walk before lockdown would not have happened without a V-Bucks bribe, but now his eyes have been opened to the natural world and he is keen to engage with it. It was only by being forced to stay inside that we re-discovered what was outside.

With this new found appreciation of the natural world we all sat together to watch David Attenborough’s recent Netflix documentary ‘A life on our Planet’ describing in detail the effects climate change was having on the planet and how perilously close mankind is to extinguishing itself and the life around it. The documentary provided a timeline.  This devastation would come, not at some distant future date but in my son’s lifetime.

As if to hammer the lesson home, following especially heavy rainfall our newly found river burst its banks for the first time in living memory.  I started to seriously consider what action what we collectively as a country can do.

The 2015 Paris climate agreement was a seminal monument for climate change recognition and worldwide action. At COP21 Leaders from around the world finally accepted the existential threat posed by climate change and had the will and understanding to make never before seen legal commitments on emissions and finances.

COP 26 in Glasgow (now postponed because of Covid until 2021) was when these Paris Commitments were to be reviewed, commitments renewed, and new targets set.  However, emphasising the urgency of the issue, the British Prime Minister has announced there will be an event held (virtually) on December the 12th of this year where he will ask world leaders to make their commitments now.

This year the world has been forced to deal with another global threat that doesn’t respect borders in the form of pandemic. COVID-19 has sadly taken over one million lives on the planet and impacted many more financially. But out of the crisis we have seen the UK, the EU, and other world powers commit to a Green Recovery.  As the PM has put it, this is a n opportunity for all of us to ‘build back better’.  We should grasp it with both hands.

Glasgow’s COP26 will now be a showcase of this new focused global synergy hopefully enabling us to take the harmonious tough action required to pull the planet back from climate precipice.  Myself, and everyone at Intelligent Land Investments Group, look forward to welcoming you.

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