The Scotland on Sunday and Us.

The Scotland on Sunday and Us.

Another article appeared in the national press on our work this week.  The article, appearing in the Scotland on Sunday, not only outlined the history of Intelligent Land Investments as a company but also underlined the long term benefits we are hoping to bring to farmers and landowners up and down the country. As our Chief Executive Officer Mark Wilson said: “The Scottish Government’s feed-in tariff has revolutionised how much farmers and landowners can make through wind power. They could get up to £30,000 a year, guaranteed for the next 20 years.”

The guaranteed nature of this sum could be hugely important for Scottish Agriculture. A number of the farmers we work with have indicated to us that they intend to re-invest the money generated from the turbines into their existing farm business. The hiring of new staff and the purchasing of new agricultural machinery are things that can not only support fragile local economies in tough times but also increase yields. It has recently been announced that food and drink are now Scotland’s biggest exports so our turbines could perhaps benefit the Scottish economy at both the micro and macro level. Equally as important, of course, is the piece of mind that a guaranteed income can provide for those working in a difficult industry.

The comments, or rather comment, section is also worth a read due to the interesting, if untrue, conspiracy theory outlined by one reader.

The article can be found here. All thanks to Peter Ranscombe.

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