The Sunday Times, Renewable Energy, and Us – Promoting the Feed-in Tariff

The Sunday Times, Renewable Energy, and Us – Promoting the Feed-in Tariff

Our phones have been ringing off the hook this morning in the ILI-Energy office today. As much as I would like to put this down to the efforts of this fine blog I suspect it has more to do with the very positive feature about our CEO Mark Wilson that appeared in the Sunday Times yesterday. We’re rather pleased about the article as it outlines our business plan and the benefits we can bring to farmers and land-owners across the country. Perhaps more importantly it explains the feed-in tariff for Wind Energy introduced by the UK Government. Confusion about the scheme is a problem we have encountered fairly regularly so exposure and an explanation of the tariff should be as beneficial to us as getting the company name in the paper.

The article can be read here, all thanks to the writer Karl West.

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