Ili-energy outlines local community scheme

Ili-energy outlines local community scheme

Exciting times today in the Ili-energy office…

Exciting times today in the office as we received some positive press in the Dundee Courier. The article outlined some of the sites we have in planning at the moment in the Dundee area but more importantly it outlined our cash for the community scheme; of which we are very proud. This scheme commits us at Ili-energy to donating £5000 per Megawatt annually to charities local to our installed turbines for as long as they’re spinning: which is expected to be for 20-25 years. In times of spending cuts and austerity measures this is sure to be welcome news to our vital and increasingly squeezed charities.

Ili-energy is committed to local communities

Of course, it’s good news for Ili-energy too. A wee bit of positive publicity, hopefully some goodwill, and maybe planners up and down the country with a tear in their eye. But, don’t be fooled, this isn’t a sudden outpouring of the charitable spirit. Here at Ili-energy, we are committed to helping, and becoming a part of, the communities in which we work. Just as, over time, our turbines become just another part of the landscape. Our sister company, ILandi already donates 5% of their annual profits to vital institutions such as St Andrews Hospice.  It is vital for the wind energy industry to reach out to, the at times, sceptical communities in which they are erecting, or hope to erect, turbines.

Who do you think Ili-energy should commit to?

The important thing is, of course, that our cash for communities pledge is as beneficial as possible. Which types of charity do you think would be most appropriate for us to commit to? What are the community services that you feel are most under pressure and are most in need of funding? Here in the Ili-energy offices we have been discussing it all day. Personally I would offer the opinion that services such as hospices are chronically underfunded and are coming under increasing pressure as aging communities need them more than ever. That is my opinion, what is yours?


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